How can you help?

Life's Challenges often prevent many Pet Owners from being able to Spay/Neuter or even provide Basic Medical Care for their Pets.   If you'd like to Help YOUR Community & also be part of the Solution to reducing Pet Over Population in the area please consider Sponsoring a Dog/Cat (any amount will Help).  LSCN* received approval as a Non-Profit through Low Cost Spay/Neuter Foundation*.     100% of the Donations received are given back for the Care of the Animals in your Community.  Call the Clinic to speak with the Receptionist for more details at 928-692-5226 on how you can Help.  *All Donations are Tax Deductible & a Tax Receipt can be provided upon request. 

Our Wishlist of Other Items Needed

We strive to keep Costs down so we can provide Affordable Spaying & Neutering Services to the Pet Owners in this Community.  If you would like to help us please feel free to make a Donation of any of the following items:

Medical Supplies:

  • Alcohol 70%
  • We Really Need COTTON SWABS!!!!
  • Exam Gloves / LATEX Surgical Sterile
  • Bandage Material
  • Gauze Sponges
  • Medical Tape (can get from Drugstores) Pink for the Girls & Blue for the Boys & any other FUN Colors!!
  • Forced Air Warmer (Medical Warming System)
  • Sterile Eye Lubricant

Operational Supplies:

  • Trash Bags: 12 & 50 gal size
  • Paper Towels (We go thru a LOT of These)
  • Toilet Paper
  • New / Clean Empty Spray Bottles
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Liquid Laundry Detergent (HE) / Everyday We go thru a LOT of this!!
  • Liquid Fabric Softener
  • Dish Detergent Soap
  • Bath Towels
  • Baby Blankets
  • New & Used Crates
  • Hand Held Scrub Brushes
  • Swifter Dusters
  • Clorox Bleach
  • Moving Cart
  • Scoopable Litter
  • Kitten Size LItter Boxes














Office Supplies & other Stuff:

  • 8 ½ X 11 White Copy Paper                -   Pens (Black or Blue)
  • 8 ½ X 11 Bright Colored Paper          -   Message Pads
  • Paper Clips                                            -   Letter & Legal Folders
  • Scotch Tape                                            -   Laptop Computer to be able to print Labels
  • Dry  Erase Markers                              -   Recyclable Toner Cartridges                    
  • Post-It Notes                                          -   Clip Board  ($1.44 at Walmart)                                                                                             
  • Staples                                                    -   Gift Cards: Walmart, Staples, Kmart,
  • Sharpies (any color)                                Grocery Stores or anywhere…your choice
  • Stamps                                                    -   Any other commonly used Office Supplies
  • Batteries: AA, AAA, C, & D