Surgery Guidelines

All healthy dogs and cats that are at least 8 weeks old (12 weeks for small breeds) or over 2 lbs. in weight are eligible for surgery.   If your animal is in heat, please wait 3-4 weeks from the last day of their cycle to schedule their surgery . If your pet has recently had a litter, please wait at least 4 weeks after the litter has been weaned.


An appointment is not a guarantee for surgery.  Each pet will be examined by a veterinarian prior to surgery to ensure that your pet is healthy and does not have any underlying issues that could compromise their safety under anesthesia. 


Feline Surgery pricing

Female Cat $70/*40

Feral Cat $45

Male Cat $50/*$35

Feral Cat Pricing includes Rabies and Ear tip

Canine surgery pricing

Female Dog $100/*$50

Up to 30 lbs

Female Dog $140/*$80

61-75 lbs

Male Dog $80/*$50

Up to 30 lbs

Male Dog $105/*$80

61 - 75 lbs

Female Dog $110/*$65

31-60 lbs

Female Dog $160/*$95

76-100 lbs

Male Dog $90/*$65

31 - 60 lbs.

Male Dog $125/*$95

76 - 100 lbs

Animals over 100 lbs  - $1 per additional lb

*Low Income Pricing for household income <$35,000

call for details or visit promotion page

for additional discounts

Additional Surgery charges

in heat fee                                       

pregnancy fee                                 

cryptorchid fee                               

Hernia repair                                    

Dewclaw removal                             



$20-35 per testicle